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This story takes place on another planet, in another galaxy and another reality. In this place women need to be made from the available men in order to sustain the race, even to the point of implanting a "uterine replicator" in the new women. This is a story of transformation, intrigue, sex, and yes even love.

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    "It's so odd, isn't it?" Roberta said tentatively. "It's the ones who knew me before, and treat me like a girl now, who give me goose bumps all over. Mike had his arm about me when we went back to our table. Right in front of everyone, he put his hand on my hair like the other boys did with their girls. I was shaking all over. Harral asked me if my legs were tired since I was dancing in such high heels. Mike said he hoped not, as I had such pretty legs. He gave me a hug. I think he was going to ask me to dance again when Georgina came over."