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Eric reluctantly agrees to help his mom out by posing as a young woman in order to be the female partner at his mom's dance studio while her leg heals from an accident. After being trained in feminine deportment, he begins to warm to expressing the female gender, especially after dancing with the handsome boy, Tom. Something might just be afoot!

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    i didn't feel very brave right then.

    That night my dream came again, but this time it was different. it was almost as if my mind had rationalized all the things that I was committed to.

    This time, I knew I was the girl. No, that's not quite right. I knew I was playing the part of a girl, from my pretty toenails to my super long hair. I had the waist, the hips and the breasts. I had the nails and the earrings.

    I didn't know how I knew of how I imagined the feelings, but I was so well made-up and wore perfume so wonderful that I could sell it on my skin.

    It was all as strange as any dream cold be. As I walked through somewhere I couldn't quite picture, I knew I was turning heads. People... no not people, men, were looking at me.

    I arrived in a spot light as music played. My partner was waiting and took my hand as we danced so closely together it was almost as if we were one.

    I could feel his manhood as he held me close and a frisson of wonder passed thgouth my sleeping mind. I knew that I could play with it later...