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An RP classic, updated and re-edited by the author with 6 all new illustrations. The story starts in highschool where Dan is an effeminate young man constantly bullied while feeling confusion over his identity and sexual preferences. As time passes we follow along as Dan begins to experiment with these issues, eventually leading him into work in a brothel and finally an amazing wedding.

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    Stan saw me at once. His eyes bulged as he looked me over, and he grinned at me. Almost at once my panties started to bulge beneath my skirt in response. I could see that Stan was highly delighted with my looks. I wore a hippie headband, my round wire-rimmed glasses that could easily pass for girl's glasses, my favorite cream-colored see-through blouse, a long purple tie-dyed skirt, not loose enough to keep my rapidly burgeoning erection inconspicuous, and my nicest sandals, with purple socks to keep out the chill.

    I could see and feel my skirt sticking way out in front as Stan strode toward me. "Hey hippie girl!" he shouted over the music. "Long time no see!"

    The song faded out at the end; my ears were blessed with soothing relief. "Hey I was hoping I'd see you at the U," Stan said in a softer voice. I'm glad you took my advice about clothes! You look terrific!" His eyes repeatedly darted to the bulge in my skirt. I could see already that he wanted sex with me.

    "Thanks," I said. Turning to Chuck, I said, "Chuck, this is Stan. I know him from high school. Stan, this is Chuck, my roommate."

    Stan raised his eyebrows. "Dorm roommate, shack-up roommate, or what?" he asked.

    "Dorm roommate," Chuck said with a smile. "Good to meet you, Stan."

    "Good to meet you Chuck. Do you mind if I horn in on your roommate? We've got some catching up to do."

    "No problem," chuck said lightly. "I think I'll get something to eat and look around. See you in a while, Danielle."

    "Danielle!" said stan when Chuck had set off toward the food table. "Hey that's a damn cute name - for a damn cute girl! I always thought you'd turn out like this - and I was sure hoping I'd be around when you did." I gave him a big, warm, shameless smile.