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Two Her TV stories... Uncle Gwen's Diary tells a tale of a different kind of military academy where unruly boys go to be changed into something entirely different than a soldier. In The Training Bra, a young ruffian is forced to wear a full figured bra as an act of discipline, but what causes him to be forced into petticoats and sent to a girl's school?

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    From The Training Bra...

    "As difficult as this is for you. I think you must try your best to make ago of it. I will know pretty much what is going on and I will try to keep things from getting too bad. I have asked the faculty to ignore your appearance and not to comment on it or otherwise add to your embarrassment. Mr. Bramson notwithstanding. Coaches are like that. It's part of coaching. If you can ignore the taunts and the ragging, try to get along with Kenneth and help him out. I think you can get through this ordeal. You may even find you have a new perspective, that you have learned something from the experience, if you try. I'll watch out for you as much as I can, but don't do anything to get yourself in more trouble. If you do, I shan't be able to protect you. Is that ok?"

    It really did sound pretty good. I had never thought of the Principal as my friend, but I needed her now. I thanked her and promised to be good.

    As we parted, she took both my hands in hers.

    "I am sure you will do just fine," she reassured me. "You are not the first boy to be put into a girl's garment. Did that ever occur to you?"