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One night the owner of a drag bar in a coastal tourist town, catches a phone call from a young man desperate to escape his life of torment caused by his feminine personality. Out of compassion, the owner extends a helping hand and soon the youth is at her doorstep. This begins a new life for our fledgling queen.

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    I beckoned to Rosie to come and join us. "This is Rosie."

    Shyly, he stood and they embraced in a brother/sister sort of way.

    "Rosie is hereby appointed as your new drag nother, if that's what you want. Be sure, because once you start your apprenticeship with her, you have to stay to the end."

    "But I never wanted children," rosie blurted out, holding tightly onto his hand, with amusement in her eyes and shock in his.

    "Rosie, I'll be your best student ever." Anne said.

    " I never had a student before," Rosie replied. "So you'd better be good."

    "He's excused dressing for today and today only," I said. "Rosie will show you where everything is kept. She'll direct your studies until such time s we decide you're qualified."