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Missy and Tammy are serious trouble makers in their high school and have been protected from repercussions by their respective parents. Their transgressions have even gotten physical and so a small group of students band together to get their revenge. As the two girls have been forcibly crossdressing some of their targets, the group decides that some of them will crossdress and bait a trap for the two troublemakers.

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    Once Charley and I had finished that exchange, Fran had finished transforming Justin into Julie. He was in a floral print dress, brown stockings, white mid-heeled sandals and a long strawberry blond wig with heart-shaped earrings and a gold chain with a cubic zirconia pendant. "You're just gorgeous, girl!" Haley complimented.

    "Gorgeous enough to fool Missy and Tammy," Julie added.

    Just moments after Julie's transformation was done, Phoebe finished transforming Tim into Tiffany. He was in a black dress, black stockings, black high heeled sandals and a long brunette wig, with a pair of rhinestone earrings and a gold necklace with a gold heart-shaped pendant. "You are so beautiful, Tiffany! Julie complemented.

    "We're definitely going to have Missy and Tammy fooled," Tiffany added.