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This is the eBook version! Another sex scandal involving the Catholic Church, but this one is unlike any of the others. Cecil has been hiding what he thinks is a terrible secret, but in the seminary he becomes Cecilia to the seminary rector and thus begins our story of illicit sex and liberation from oppression.

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    The routine of life in the seminary went on -  classes, masses, rosaries, the liturgy of the hours, recreation, meals, sleep - but not a day went by where I failed to think of what Norbert would soon have in store for me. Sometimes I worried that what we were going to do would be a sin, but I tried to tell my worrying self to shut up. It would be beautiful - so beautiful, as Norbert had said, that it could not possibly be a sin. I imagined that Martin Luther must have started telling himself that his secret sins weren't sins either, and I still didn't want to end up like him - but I wasn't trying too hard to avoid ending up like him, either.