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Stan, a very overweight young man, is desperate for work when, by chance he meets a talent scout for a modelling agency who offers him a job as a plus size model. In this continuation, Stan, now the lovely Stacy, discovers that a certain male photographer is VERY interested in him, as his transformation progresses.

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    The coming operation stayed on Stan's mind through the rest of the day and all of the day after. He didn't want to discuss it with anyone even though Lance and Kate were both really interested. He was more interested to know laura's thoughts on what he was doing. Would she think it made him less of a man? As it turned out, she thought it was great and couldn't wait to see the results.

    When Wednesday came Mike drove a very nervous Stan down to Manchester and waited during the surgery before driving a rather sore Stan back up to Carlisle.

    For Stan, it was the waiting for his name to be called out that was the most nerve wracking followed by being taken into a changing room where he had to undress and put on what he regarded as a rather flimsy robe that tied loosely together in front. It was embarrassing because he had arrived appearing like a female but his penis was going to be exposed.

    When he came into the operating room there was a small assembly of medical staff wearing caps, face masks and gloves. He had to like down on the bed, his face burning with embarrassment and a feeling of apprehension, but then he was put to sleep and mercifully knew no more.