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A re-released Reluctant Press Classic resurrected from our files. Two people, Connie and Jeannie are basically stumbling their way through their lives looking for love and fulfillment but unable to discover it when they meet at work. Connie is a senior librarian at Pacific Heights main library and Jeanie is the new hire. Connie is a very masculine librarian and Jeannie is a very feminine crossdressed man. Sparks begin to fly in this torrid story!

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    Connie sighed. "I might as well tell all," she said, "since you said it's OK for me to fling myself at you. Jeannie, I really like you an awful lot. I mean, I'm uh, really going wild about you." She wished she could say I love you, but surely it would sound too idiotic.

    Jeannie laughed. "Well I really like you an awful lot, too. I think you're, uh, my kind of woman - or what would be my kind of woman, if I had a kind of woman. But you see -  well, I'm gay. I've always been gay. I've wanked with lots of guys at this club. I think you need to know."

    Now was the time. Connie had to ask -  to seek and find her dream. "Well, I was kindof wondering if you might be a male lesbian." she said.