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Harlan and Adam are college roommates. studying pre med, sharing a small apartment. Harlan is struggling with the bills, while Adam seems to be set, even though he disappears every weekend. He finally admits that it is for a "very lucrative job", and that he works as a hostess. Over months, Adam is slowly drawn into this intriguing world.

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    "Come on, today's the day." It was Ella (Adam) who let herself into the apartment on that Saturday. She was darker blonde today, hair swinging loose, with tight jeans, a white blouse and heels, pearl studs in her ears. 

    "I'm ready for you, my own Doctor Frankenstein." Harlan stood.

    "Are you really ready?"

    "I'm scared stupid, but not enough to tell you to go away."

    "That's a good start. Did you do the stuff I asked you to do?"

    "Yes, I'm hairless everywhere you said. I don't usually have to shave more than twice a week, but I've done so today, and used the cream I found in the bathroom cabinet. I assume it was yours. It's meant to make the complexion lovely and glowing."

    "Sounds like something I'd buy." ella admitted. "come on, we're going to my place."