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A story from one of our most popular writers of all time, B.C. Robin is coerced into dressing as a girl and working in the family diner for Halloween by his sister. He resists, but his mom insists that he needs to do this to help the family. It turns out that he makes a very pretty girl and this starts a complete change of lifestyle. Soon males notice the "new girl" and he is plunged into drama, excitement and perhaps even love.

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    "Mom, it's Jack Stanley, the boy I went out with a few weeks ago. He asked me out again and and I'd really like to go if that's alright?" Robin said.

    "Why sure, honey, I think that it's good that you have made a friend, I don't see any reason you two boys can't do things together," she said.

    "Well that's just it, Mom. Jack still things he talking to Sarah and that's who he's asking out." Robin said.

    "You have to be kidding, Robin. I thought that you said that you were done with that whole thing and now you're telling me that you want to go out with a boy on a date as a girl again?

    "Well yes, I've changed my mind. Jack is a nice guy and I really do want to go out with him again," he said. 

    "I don't know Robin. I don't like all this pretending to be someone that you're not, especially pretending to be a girl," Mom said.

    "But Mom, it's important to me to see if that's who I really am. I really want to go out one more time with Jack and see for myself but I need Becky's help getting ready. So please please, I want to do this,' he pouted.