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When the daughter of a mob boss, named Amy, meets a stage hypnotist, named Crystal, unexpected sparks begin to fly. Well actually it's more complicated than that as Crystal is really a boy who likes this life and it also helps his act. The story is the story of their mutual discoveries as well as a father's cruelty. Well written and entertaining.

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    Crystal was half-dragged and half-carried outside. The door slammed behind them and a large SUV with blacked out windows stood in the drive. The tailgate was opened and Crystal was roughly bundled into the back. The slam of the tailgate sounded final.

    Crystal rolled about in the back as the vehicle turned left and right, hitting against the sides. With hands cuffed behind, there was no way of bracing against the impacts. The ride seemed long but Crystal had no way of knowing.

    They must have left the highway because the bouncing increased and the noise of grit hitting the wheel wells told its own story. With a swing to the right, the car stopped with a jerk. Crystal was left, fear rising, with no noise to give a clue as to location as the evening turned to  night.