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Reluctant Press Cover

A long out-of-print Reluctant Press Classic, re-edited and with all new illustrations, it tells a story of the old west. Paul Brown is riding in a stagecoach to a job as a bartender when the coach is attacked bandits. He is wounded, and left for dead with the rest of the stagecoach patrons. While recovering at the Belton ranch, we learn about his crossdressing past. The Beltons have recently hired a very masculine young woman, a gunslinger and cow hand. Read and guess how the two stories might intertwine. A mesmerizing story that will make you eager to read part two.

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    He knew that under the shameful corset, he was wearing a white cotton, embroidered women's vest and pettipants-styled drawers with tiers of dainty ruffled lace. Under this there was a garter belt called a hose supporter that hel taut a pair of black silken smooth lisle stockings. It took all his willpower to conceal the guilt and sexual excitement that he felt. "I just can't wear these awful things under my mean's clothes."