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Husband and wife, Parmeet (Parry) and Samari (Sammy) are struggling with finances. In order to save money on gym fees Sammy talks Parry into joining her belly dancing class as it would be free for him. the wrinkle is that she convinces him that it would be best if he appears to be a woman for this class. Weeks later he gets invited to a party where the brother in the family is looking for a wife. "Oh what a tangled web we leave, when first we practice to deceive."

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    "It's not a question of too hot!" Sam replied angrily. "I mean, yes it is a question of too hot! You are too hot! You have no idea what it means to go out on the streets dressed in such an outfit!"

    "Well, I am supposed to be a girl, and look like a girl." Parry said, turning left and right to see himself better in the mirror. "Isn't being a sexy girl an even better disguise? I mean, I'll start doing some exercises to firm up my chest, but for today I look fine."

    Sam had no idea what to say, she was so angry.

    "You want to go to class as a sexy belly dancer?" she yelled at him. She marched into their bedroom, and started looking through her dresser drawers. "Get in here!"

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Great story of a guy becoming a belly dancer!

    This book is a great story about a dude who follows his wife to a dance class, only to become mesmerized by the cute girls in the class. In wanting more, he tries to fit in so he is not discovered as a guy. In doing so, he becomes more and more like a girl.