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If Terry only knew the depths of his evil step-sister, he might have been more cautious. When his mother dies, his father marries again. His new mom brings along her daughter, and they both have evil plans for the poor fellow. Can he adapt to his new reality?

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    "You listen to me, you little shit, I run this house. I give the orders and that includes tht little dweeb of a father of your. He has already learned not to defy me and you'd better learn to do the same as well or you'll end up a maid at some cheap sleazy motel on the bad side of town, making beds and cleaning toilets. Then we'll see how smart you really are," Mom told him.

    "Now first thing you're going to do is call this Jeanne what's her name and tell her that you'c love to try out for one of the vacant cheerleading spots, then you are going to bust your little girly ass working as hard as you can to make the team."