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Told in first person, our protagonist is a recent college graduate killing time in Paris with his money running out. He is introduced to a mysterious woman, Zazou, who offers him a job in her bar. He quickly perceives that the staff there, all beautiful women, is made up exclusively by males. He soon finds himself following them down that same rabbit hole, but to what end?

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    "Let me be your guide to the wonderful world of Paris for the would-be girl." Brandy locked her arm more tightly in mine. "We could work together and do it in stages. It would be exciting. I've never had a daughter to teach all my secrets to."

    "Am I your daughter now?"

    "Mothers show their daughters how to do secret woman things, so yes, you could be my daughter."

    "And doing it in stages?"

    "Little girls have years to get through the stages leading to being a woman," Brandy said. "think about it. First comes lipstick and nail varnish. When they get a little older, they get some low heels and start to care for their hair. Higher heels and makeup follow, and then tight jeans, their first bra and their first boyfriend."