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A sexy and rollicking story of a gay young man venturing deeply into his first time as a female impersonator. Soon he is "married" to a man. It goes on and on in adventure and sexual hijinx. A very fun read!

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    "Irv, no! I can't wear my girls clothes on the plane!" Shirley insisted. "They wouldn't even let me on! That just won't work!"

    She was getting really disturbed and embarrassed at the thought. Always before, except here in Hawaii, she had been fully discreet about her effeminacy. Celeste knew about it, but the continental United states or the world outside of Hawaii and Harbor Nights, had even been permitted to know. Now Irv wanted Shirley to flaunt her effeminacy in front of total strangers on an airplane!

    "Oh, come on, Shirley, give it a try!" Irv begged. He was still calling her Shirley, although now she looked like a male, in men's clothes with no wig. "You've got your ticket, entitled to get on the plane, and you can just assure them you're a male if the ask any questions."

    "Irv, I just can't!" Shirley said. "I'd be too embarrassed to have to go through that!"