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William and his co-workers have a regular competition over who will bring in the least in sales each month. Low man has to complete a challenge. Despite his skills, he is the regular loser and this time around he has to live as a woman for an entire year! His first attempts are pitiful, but a woman named Bethany steps in and helps him in becoming a regular beauty. Follow along in their adventures and love story in this fine tale by Jessica Matthews.

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    "Do you trust me?" Bethany asked William when they met later in the week for a quiet drink under Betty's watchful eye. In truth, Bethany wanted to find out if she was really interested in this man. He seemed to be ticking the right boxes but she'd thought that several time before.

    "Of course, Betty said you were wonderful." William's smile was open and friendly with none of that checkouting out the other girls in the bar whilst he was talking to her.

    "Here's the first question. Are you serious about trying to fill that bet? Being a lady for a year could be really difficult."

    "I have to try. they'd never let me hear the end of it if I didn't. Anyway, I like the idea of a challenge, even if I've no idea how hard it's going to be."

    "I know we talked the other day but I wanted to be sure before I stepped up my offer to help you."

    "And you had a second question," he said.

    "Will you let me pierce your ears as a first step?"