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The preadolescent brother and sister Allen and Alice lived a charmed life with the best of everything. While on vacation with their mother and father, a storm orphans them. After a number of trials they end up living with the Kelly's who wanted to adopt. Mrs. Kelly recognizing the feminine beauty of this boy begins a process of slow transformation to turn him into a woman. This is the story of the years that follow.

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    "Yes dear I made an appointment for you on Saturday at my hairdresser. She told him and he didn't know at that time the difference between a barber and a hairdresser, and these were the early signs of when his life would begin to change, in ways that he could never imagine. 

    As he walked out he saw himself in the mirror and couldn't see where they had taken any of at all. The long tresses now had a spiral curl in them and his eyebrows were not just neatened up as the beautician was telling him, they now had an arch and were much thinner than before. With his soft features and new hairdo he looked for all the world like pretty young  girl... more than that he bordered on beautiful.

    "Mom, that didn't help a bit now I really look like girl. I don't like this at all, as I'm a boy and I want to look like one. I want to go home and cut this long hair off myself." Allen told her.

    "You'll do no such thing young man that was a very expensive haircut and there's a very good reason why I've had this done the way it is...