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A new author, Maryanne Peters, gives us 5 short stories of transformation. Kind of reminds me of the Twilight Zone. In A Crime of Love, a woman physician decides to turn a child molester into an older version of his targets. In A Sicario Returns, a DEA agent must find a way to get back into the cartel he has been infiltrating without them noticing his return. He needs a great disguise! In Liquid X we learn that revenge can be sweet. In Isolation, two research scientists alone on a deserted island run across a container filled with women's things and even hormones. Bet you can't guess what happens! In Investment, a couple needs the husband to show the perfect wife to cinch a deal but the actual wife doesn't quite fit. Perhaps the boat boy will?

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    From Isolation...

    It was suddenly so obvious that he could hardly believe that he had not noticed it before. He pulled his singlet right off. It was unmistakable. He had breast tissue - small incipient breasts with enlarged aureoles. How could this have happened?

    He looked across at claude who wa reading som dry textbook on geomagnetic anomalies. He was suspicious. "Claude, what have you done to me? Look at this. Loot at these nippes, this swelling."

    "Yes," said Claude. "What is it? I have the same." He pulled off his t-shirt. He was the same.

    "You have been feeding me those hormones, those female hormones," Franck accused.

    "And you have been doing the same to me," said Claude with the look of realization now obvious. "You shit Franck. you have been doing the same thing to me."