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Central High School is a progressive institution, progressive enough to hold a "Womanless Beauty Pageant" every year to raise money for deserving charities. And now they are admitting new students who are openly transgender. Not all the students are pleased however, especially members of a group that hates all minorities that exists at the school. This is a story for our times. A sequel to 1057, Getting Back at the Girls. Six illustrations!

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    When I arrived, Nathan, Jack and Keith had already put on their dresses and were being made up to look like girls. the wedding gown that Renee's mother wore on her wedding day fit Nathan like a glove. Jack was in the pink bridesmaid dress Angie wore when her sister Amanda got married last summer; it fit him perfectly. Keith would wear the baby blue bridesmaid's gown Jolene's mother wore when her Aunt Dianne bot married last fall. It fit him to a "T".