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In the summer before his senior year in high school, Gene is desperate to find a job in order to help his mother with household finances. Unable to solve this problem due to a saturated market, his mother's best friend offers them a prospect. Gene will come and live with her wealthy family, be trained as her husband's personal secretary and be well paid. There are some strange requirements however. Gene's mother must sign over guardianship to them and he must live with them for an entire year. WAIT!! Secretary?

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    Bruno said, "I'll ask you one time and only one time, little one, will you do as Miss Maria tells you to?"

    By now, Gene was sobbing out of control, drool running down his chin. He'd never cried like this ever (he'd never been spanked like this ever, either). He was humiliated and scared out of his mind and totally embarrassed in front of Maria. "Yes (sob), Yes... I (sob)... I'll do what (sob)... whatever she tells me," Gene promised.

    "You promise to do what and for whom?" Bruno asked.

    "I promise to do whatever Maria tells me to do," Gene answered. He would have promised anything at this point to get Bruno to stop spanking him. 

    "A warning to the wise, Miss Jeanette, you'd better keep that promise as I'm never very far away. All Maria has to do is call me and I'll be there." the man mountain said.