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Jimmy, newly hired in a real estate company, has a boss named Cassandra. Cassandra's friend, aptly named Wolf Jackson, runs a porn movie production company in need of new transgender actresses. When he meets Jimmy he sees raw potential and they begin to introduce him to trans-women who lead him into a world of fleshly pleasure in order to seduce him to the idea of joining them. These women prove to be relentless. A tale of sexy fun!

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    Jackson called Cassandra. "I thought you'd be interested. Our boy sucked his first man."

    "I'll not ask you how you got him to do that," Cassandra replied. "He's really on a slippery slope now."

    "But he doesn't know it," Jackson replied. "I don't want him to realize too much until it's too late."

    "Surely he'll be wondering why all this is happening?"

    "He may be wondering but he's probably thinking from somewhere in his pants, not in his head."

    "You know best," Cassandra said. "Are you still recording all this?"

    "I'll send you the rushes when I've edited them." Jackson laughed and ended the call.