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His office's dress code is right out of the 50's and it has so angered Jason, that he enlists his friend Susan in a crazy plot to stretch the rules. With the help of a doctor, he becomes allergic to wool and cotton, so what can he possibly wear? Try silk and satin. Susan is licking her chops at the possibilities. An RP Classic newly edited with new illustrations.

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    "Hey wait a minute Margie. I can't do this! This thing calls for me to wear dresses. I wanted a change in wardrobe; but not in this way."

    "Well Jason, this is what I, as your doctor am prescribing. Well have to let the allergy run its course, in the mean-time, this will be the only clothing that will be comfortable on you. Pants will further irritate the rash, causing it to intensify or spread, and will not allow it to air out. Therefore, they are strictly forbidden until this thing breaks."

    He looked down at his pants, worrying that they may be the last to be worn for some period of time.

    "Even when you wear nylons, it will air better than being stuffed into trousers. The more cotton you wear the more of a rash you will develop. This letter will explain it to your employer. Since it is medical, he won't be able to fire you, if that is what you are afraid of."

    "But dresses?"