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Jimmy's transformation at the hands of his boss at the real estate company, the head of the shemale porn movie company and his new transgender girlfriend intensifies despite his resistance. And despite that resistance he feels it ebbing away.

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    Suddenly I wasn't alone. Rick Column slipped his arm round me and pulled me into him as if to kiss me on the lips. I pulled my head back and managed to get a hand in front of my face.

    "Not now Rick," I said, smelling the alcohol on his breath.

    "Oh, come on sweetheart." he held me close. "Let's do it one time again here."

    "What about your husband?" I remembered what Jasmine had told me about him. "Won't he be missing you?"

    "He's not here." Rick held me tightly, pulling the hem of my dress up. "You know that you liked the way I do it on set."

    "Please Rick, no, don't do this." I pleaded but my dress kept rising under his big hand, "You'll have nothing left for your husband later."

    "That doesn't matter." he slurred. "He doesn't let me be the top. I'm always the one who has to be the bottom. I'm under him every time."