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Jack isn't much of a specimen of teenage masculinity and is the subject of endless teasing by the other boys. One of their pranks is to try to get him elected as May Queen. Once he actually wins, things go from bad to worse as the whole world seems to want him to be a girl. It's just the beginning of a long strange trip.

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    "That was exciting," Mrs. Screen said as they waited at a bus stop to take them home. "Did you enjoy it?"

    Jack shrugged; no one seemed to take the fact that he was going to transformed from a boy to a girl seriously! They all seemed to ignore that fact that he was the wrong gender and should not be wearing a dress! What was wrong with them all? Surely, they must all realize how humiliating it was for him? Jack just wanted to curl up in a ball and roll under a bush. He had had enough, he really had.