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From an interest in the theater developed in high school, our young man lands a job making the dead look presentable in a funeral home. This sexy and well written memoir takes our protagonist through an encounter with a mob boss, a cross country run for his life, a new life as a waiter and then takes an interesting turn. His co-workers, all women, make a lot more money in tips that he does. What could be more logical than joining them? It's the beginning of a whole new chapter for the person eventually known as Madison Small.

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    "If you're so worried about us girls getting the tips, maybe you should join us." Candy said one evening as I collected my meager tip jar.

    "How would I do that?" I asked.

    "Honey, all you need is a dress and some heels, wiggle and flirt with the guys and you're home and dry.'

    "Do I look like a girl?" I snapped back.

    "Heck no; but with the right clothes and makeup maybe you could."

    "If they were blind and the room was dark." Harry shouted from behind the bar.

    "He'd have to do something about that hair." Felicia chipped in as she emptied her tips into her purse.

    "And he'd have to be super careful around Mr. Gerald when he comes in,' Candy Added "He has a thing for girls like that, and before you know it, you'd be playing the flute for him every night."

    "But I can't play the flute..." Then I realized what they meant.