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When Jaycee's step-mom, Courtney, takes a job doing genealogical research at the family castle of a Scottish retired general, Jaycee must disguise  himself as a young woman. It's all about the General's past experience with a previous assistant's son, souring him on the idea of male children hanging around the place. Surprisingly the disguise is extremely effective and he looks to be attractive an attractive young woman. At the castle he even acquires and admirer, Angus, who knows his secret and is all the more intrigued. Jaycee's real transformation begins.

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    It started the next morning. Courtney knew she had to do something radical to make Jaycee adapt. She had to get him into character as his female self and stay there. She thought about all the implications as he came out of the shower room, toweling  his hair.

    I'm going to pierce your ears," she told him  "Sit here,"

    "Isn't that taking it too far?" Jaycee complained. "Not every girl has pierced ears."

    "I agree not every girl has pierced ears," Courtney repeated. "But my daughter has pierced ears. Sit down. This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you."