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From the very earliest years of Reluctant Press, even before the turn of this century, we bring you this classic Elizabeth Anne Warren tale, re-edited and newly illustrated... Hazel, on the run from the police as a vagrant, jumps into the car of John Bentley, a wealthy gay man. Disguised as a woman, John is at first taken in and brings the young person home to give him a place at least for the night. When he discovers the young man's true gender, he does take advantage. Enter his mother and the housekeeper and they all decide to keep him, but only as a maid. This well written story develops in many interesting and sexy ways.

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    With this order, Hazel found himself stumbling after her on the high heels into the lounge where he began the first phase of training as a maid while Mrs. Knox began with the fundamentals of posture and breathing before teaching Hazle how to walk, turn, and sit in a lady like fashion.

    Once Hazel had the basic idea of these, she dropped a book on the floor and asked him to pick it up. When he bent over from the waste to do so she suddenly stepped behind him, flipped up his dainty short skirts, and goosed him as hard as she could with her extended thumb!

    "That is why a lady doesn't bend over to pick things up," she taunted with a delighting laugh seeing his deep crimson blush of frustrated embarrassment. Crouching in the motion of a deep curtsy she picked up the book to drop it in front of Hazel when she arose.

    "Now you practice it."