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Matt, a normal American boy, loved baseball and even dreamed of a professional career in the sport. He also loved pranking his sister Deb, but his mom comes up with a unique punishment to correct his behavior - doing his sister's chores while wearing her clothes, including working at his mom's beauty parlor.  Cal, a friend of his, jealous of Matt's position on the team, comes up with a way to sabotage him by, unbeknownst to Matt, getting him to take female hormones. Soon everyone notices the changes and some are even intrigued. And then it gets complicated.

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    "There were a couple of ladies in there (the Ladies Room) and when I thought that they were going to expose me, they told me that they thought I was beautiful and that we made a cute couple. I told them we were just friends and they said... Oh, never mind."

    "Wait a minute, babe, you can't stop there. What did they tell you?" Cal asked.

    Margie squired in her seat and after a sip of her drink, she said, "They said I shouldn't let that big hunk get away." She bushed and then tried to laugh it off. "For a second I almost told the total strangers all about us. that we were two boys out on a date, one dressed as a girl in panties and the other want to get into them." Cal just grinned and didn't say anything back.