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Allen is a good man, but has gotten involved with a counterfeiter who is murdered. Fearing for his life he takes refuge working as a woman in a friend's salon. Life gets even stranger when he also ends up working as Sissy Maid Alice to a German supermodel. She forces him into ever more girlly outfits and subjects him to weekly injections of something she calls "girl juice". It's down the pink rabbit hole he goes!

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    "It seems you are in a very tight spot, Allen," she began. "You denied any involvement with the counterfeit ring though you bear a striking resemblance to the one described as a 'person of interest' that they are still looking for. If the police and FBI had sufficient evidence again you there is no doubt that you would have been arrested before this.

    "You have law enforcement watching you closely and now there has been on attempt on your life. Sooner or later, one of these two is bound to get you.

    "Margaret and I appreciate your hard work here as well as the fact you have become knowledgeable about our products. We are prepared too offer you a safe haven. It will require you to trust us and make some changes in your life."

    "Like what?" I asked with some fear in my voice.

    "You must agree to follow all of our instructions. This will involve changing your appearance and of course you will have to move. It will be sort of like the witness protection program the federal government uses for those who testify against major criminals."

    "I see. Well, I'm not sure. What would this involve exactly?"

    Cassandra took a step closer to me, her face expressionless. Now I did feel a little intimidated as the held my face in her hands.

    "Allen, you must trust us in making the necessary changes. We will guide you every stip of the way, but you must agee there and now to do everything we tell you without any disagreements so that we may help you."