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Georges Marcel is a young Frenchman with a hobby of sorts. He like to dress up convincingly as a woman. After leaving school he announces to his family that it is his desire to travel to London to learn English and experience another culture. He does not say that it is also his desire to dress more frequently as a woman as well, although they know of his interest in these clothes. And so it is the story of the excitement, the fear, the joy and of course the clothes as he grows in confidence and skill in this "hobby". The story does have a shocking end, but is all the more poignant for that.

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    "What can I get for you Miss?"

    It is a good question and one I literally cannot answer as I have no voice and have not thought about it at all.

    "Would you like a drink?" the barman asks again - putting the same question in a different manner.

    I blush and fiddle with the straps of my handbag nervously. There is a thin man with a rugged complexion standing at the bar by a stool. His wearing a nice suit; a trilby hat and a buff colored Mac are laying of the adjacent stool with a newspaper on top. He smiles at me in a comforting manner. He looks fatherly, concerned. 

    "I'll stand her this one, Terry, now what can we get you?"

    " A Baby Cham," I whisper to my new found friend, nervously touching my face, my bag, my hair. I am conscious my powder covered face is still burning like a furnace. It is a drink Fiona has had on many occasions.

    "A Baby Cham - always popular with the ladies!" The man says, smiling broadly.