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Three New Woman stories... In The Best Man For The Job Is A Woman we find it may even be true if she was a man first. A woman decides that she would rather have a teenage daughter than a husband, and so, Maria Returns. When John Barlow decides to spring a Halloween Surprise by showing up at work as Kerry Bronson, his secretary's temporary replacement, he learns more about the inner working of his company than he ever dreamed.

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    From Halloween Surprise...

    "There is another way," said Candace with a smile. "We did it, and so can you."

    "What did you do?" asked Kerry in John's voice, confused.

    "A few years ago, we were all like you," continued Candice, "but we had our men's outer body changed to match the inner woman. We're talking about a detailed change far beyond mere hormones and reassignment surgery."

    "I've got to sit down," said Kerry, as Janet offered her a chair. "It's too astounding to believe, that any of you were ever men. I was not even suspicious of you, Janet, despite your super-aggressive, masculine personality! I know a lot of transsexuals, but only one of two can be considered passable. You three are not just passable, you are perfect looking women. And you're all married too!"

    "I assure you that none of us remotely passed before our transformation. Mary and I still live with our wives," explained Janet. "Candice married a man after her transition. We were conditioned to accept it either way.

    "Barbara Brier Incorporated is not just a training center for women professionals; Barbara offers a special service for the gender community that is not like any other," added Mary. "Barbara can give you a feminine make-over similar to the one each of us had. You've almost a girl anyway, Kerry, so why not have it all, even children?"