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Randy is just your normal average guy with a normal average life, except that he dreams of being able to wear women's clothes. When his girlfriend finds out, his life begins to change and drastically! And she's not going to stop!

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    As soon as Raimi left the dressing room, Tracy gave me a severe look and put her finger on my chest. "You need to start showing us more respect. How dare you question my orders to take off your clothes?" said Tracy. "From now on, you will address me as Ms. Tracy. Do you understand?" she said, looking me straight in the eyes. "And furthermore, you will address any women that you encounter properly as Ms. whatever-their-first-name is. That means you will address your former girlfriend as Ms. Raimi. Do you understand me?" she said, pointing her finger again on my chest.

    "Yes, Ms. Tracy. I understand," I said in a defeated toe. I was in a position of weakness. I had no other choice but to comply.