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Shawn has everything he needs to be to be a good student at the secretarial school that he attends, except for the femininity that would ensure he would become am acceptable secretary. with the gentle, yet unfaltering guidance of the woman in his life, Shawn receives a very special education

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    "I always try my best to make friends and obey the rules just like the other girls Ms. Jacqueline. I don't know what more I can do."

    "I think we can improve you in several areas, Shawn.

    "First of all I think that even though you are male." she continued. 'At least in some respects.' she mused with a smile, "You need to gradually move towards a more feminine appearance at school. We can start you out with slacks and a boyish blouse. As your classmates grow to accept your femininity we can add some pretty jewelry and perhaps some low heeled sandals.

    "Since Ms. Denise has practically the same classes as you, I have asked her to help coach you and correct you you when it becomes necessary. She will help you develop and practice obedience. That is why I have selected Ms. Denise to supervise your training while you are living in our dorm."