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"Making the World a Better Place, One Girl at a Time"
In this, part 2, we see what Randy's life as a full time woman has become, but in fact it is only the beginning of what he will become, a sissy to be used however his betters wish.

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    I could hear people chatting, but I could not move. I saw and felt everything. I was in a trance, laying in a hospital bed connected to all kinds of machines. I could hear the nurse to the right of me talking about hanging hear about this procedure. She explained to the other nurses that when they were done, all I will have is a small little stub, the size of my thumb.

    The nurses were giggling... They were all so excited to do this procedure on me. "What the heck is happening to me? I'm a dude. You can't do this to me!" I thought to myself. I tried to scream. I tried to get up and run for help. I could not move. No one seemed to care. WAs this what my future would be?