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Reluctant Press Cover

Angelo was a successful gigolo, able to bed any woman he pleased and take all their money. When he spotted Helene, not the most attractive woman, he knew he had found his next mark. Helene, however, was the descendent of a race of Amazonian women, who transformed such men into feminized sex slaves. She had also just found her next mark!

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    "Your price for security is your dependence upon me. As a child owes all to her parents, so you shall owe me. Without me, you will be helpless. You shall be devoted to me as a dependent. Your every action shall depend on my reaction. My voice is your conscience, as your soul belongs to me. Therefore you are mine to do with as I see fit."

    Angleo's mind spun with her words.

    "These are my terms. And knowing them, you have no choice but to accept. For I desire them of you. You, as my chattel, have accepted. As my wife, so to speak, you have promised to love, honor, and obey. Before hundreds of people who were amused. But now you know why you were asked to make that pledge before your God. It was no mistake."