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Reluctant Press Cover

What would you do if your school had a uniform and the temperatures started pushing 100°F while the dress code didn't allow boys to wear shorts? Yet, in cold weather the girls were allowed to wear trousers. Simple answer, notice that when describing just what is allowed, the dress code doesn't specify that that skirts are intended for girls only. With their parents support, Lynne, Frank, Doug and Larry plan to get a change in the school dress code.

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    Along the way, Lynne discovers that he enjoys the feeling of skirts and his friend Frank enjoys it more. Their adventures include running the gauntlet at school amongst their peers and the school staff. They must go out in public, only adding to the thrill of it all. Lynne and Frank's mothers compare notes and notice that their respective sons seem to share some unusual personality traits, leading the mothers to open opportunities for the boys to explore their feelings. Come along and enjoy the adventure.