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Reluctant Press Cover

Our nameless protagonist is an average man with an average job who loves beer and struggles to form relationships with women. When he runs across a junk shop he is attracted to a strange old book written in indecipherable languages. Once he takes it home, it begins a series of life changing transformations. Delve into this fascinating story and his amazing journey.

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    I must have fallen asleep or maybe I was in a trance or, as a scientist might say, an altered state of being. I was still naked and the book was still in it's case on my lap, but the candles had burned away and gone out.

    I blinked, then I moved. I knew at once that something had changed when a heavy lock of hair fell in front of my eyes; I looked down and couldn't believe what I saw. I had breasts; not male breasts, but full feminine ones with brown areolae and firm nipples.

    I had to touch them to make sure that they were real. I could feel the swell of the breasts under my hands and when I brushed my fingers lightly over the nipples, I knew they were real and that they were really part of me.

    You'll know what I did next. My hand went to feel between my legs. There was nothing protruding. My fingers felt inside the lips I found there. They felt the warmth and moisture, the sensitive bit just inside.