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Reluctant Press Cover

Three stories of secret shemales coming out. In "Ladylike", child support investigator Cam comes out as Candi, hoping to avoid being fired by threatening a discrimination claim. There are sexy consequences, however. In "The Dulci Daily Story", we learn of the author's many transformations from tough manly boy to shemale sexpot and everything in between. In "Peggy McPeek Grows Up" She shemale Paggy dares to appear in Pumphouse magazine and must face the consequences.

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    From The Dulci Daily Story: "And now what? I do love the thought that I’ve been giving pleasure—I mean literary and sexual pleasure — to males and shemales far and wide. I’ve found it terrifically exciting to reveal what used to be my deepest, darkest secrets, and what are still my wildest fantasies, to anyone who wishes to see. It givesme erections to write about such things; I hope it also gives my readers erections to read about them and see them illustrated. Erections (and orgasms) are so beautiful, and I’m so excited by the thought of giving them to males and shemales!"