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Reluctant Press Cover

Boys are boys and girls are girls. That's what we're all taught. But what if that age-old wisdom isn't always correct? William's stepmother, Melanie, thinks that that particular rule was made to be broken - and she has just the person to test her theory on. Although he's a normal, healthy boy, she has detected a certain something in William that she thinks can be used to turn him into the stepdaughter she has always wanted.

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    "I’ve talked to the girls." Zoe caught up with William a few days later."They’ve had a vote and decided that you should come to the carnival night."

    "That’s really kind, but"

    "You can be an honorary girl for the occasion. You have to dress up" Zoe stopped William as he was about to decline. "They’ve seen your screensaver and they think you should dress up like her."

    "But that’s a portrait; she’s from a hundred years ago" William suddenly knew it had been a mistake to put that picture on his home screen.

    "So imagine if she was around today," Zoe replied. "She’d be as beautiful now as she was then."

    ‘‘But I’m not beautiful and I’m not a girl.’’

    ‘‘Stop raising trivial objections.’’ Zoe shook her head. ‘‘You don’t get it, do you? We all want you to come. It’s an all-girl affair, so you’re being allowed to be an honorary girl for the evening.’’

    ‘‘What’s an honorary girl?’’

    ‘‘It’s someone who looks like a girl but isn’t a real one.’’

    ‘‘I’m not sure…’’

    ‘‘Don’t say another word.’’ Zoe put her hand up as if to stop him. ‘‘We’ll arrange it all. I know a salon that would help you get ready. You just have to agree and do what you’re told.’’

    William had a bad feeling as he decided that it would be better to agree than being seen as the one who wouldn’t join in.