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Reluctant Press Cover

Like many a young actor, Adam finds parts to be few and far between. As his agent puts it, there aren't many roles for baby-faced nerdy guys. Adam is making ends meet by living with his sister Kellie and working as a server. One night Kellie's friend Sharon stops by. Sharon happens to know a thing or two about hypnosis. For a giggle, the two decide to see if they can get Adam to behave like a woman. As it turns out, Adam is the perfect subject for a hypnotist.But maybe, just maybe he can find an acting job as a... Nah, forget about it.

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    ‘‘I’d like you to tell me what you did to my brother last night,’’ Kellie asked next day when she and Sharon took a break together.

    ‘‘Nothing really,’’ Sharon replied. ‘‘I only said a few words to give him a bit of confidence.’’

    ‘‘It was more than that,’’ Kellie insisted. ‘‘You have some power over him.’’

    ‘‘Okay. I’ll admit it but you have to understand that I’m not malicious in any of this.’’ Sharon took her coffee and they went to sit in a quiet corner. ‘‘I’m a hypnotist as well as anything else I do. Your brother is a hypnotist’s gift. He’s a subject in a million. Most hypnotists never ever meet anyone like that.’’

    ‘‘Are you saying that you can make him do anything?’’

    ‘‘Of course not,’’ Sharon laughed. ‘‘I may be able to make him do a few tricks but, long term, all I can do is help him with confidence; reinforce his ego and his choices. I can’t take him over, so don’t worry.’’