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Reluctant Press Cover

A Reluctant Press classic edition short story collection, reimagined and re-illustrated...
It starts on a stormy fall night when five crossdressers and a mysterious stranger begin
the tales of Celeste. In these seven tales: A sheik finds out what it means to await
Your Turn
. A couple discover the truth about The Shaman’s Mirror. A young man
wants to be The Special Nursemaid. A sexist is given The Treatment. A strange
woman offers an insurance man Five Dollars Down for a unique policy. The Spy That
Didn’t Come Back
. And The Pimp learns a new profession.

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    Just as suddenly she released her hold saying, “I just want you to know what we might do if you don’t behave. Do you understand?”

    Numbly he nodded seeing Miss Baker pick up from the desk top a pair of pale blue ruffled cotton panties!

    “Put them on, and no funny business,” Sarah repeated applying the pressure once again to remind him of how easy it was for her to torture him. She then released him while Miss Baker handed him thepanties.

    Meekly he took them into his shaking hands and slipped them on feeling to some degree that their shameful ruffled femininity at least protected him.

    “And baby’s little slip,” Miss Baker announced handing him a dainty nylon lace net slip obviously styled for a girl, which he put on trying to guess what their plans for him were. She then helped him into a short bouffant blue nylon dress with puff sleeves, ruffled, heart shaped bodice, and ruffled high collar.

    “Well, well, aren’t we the perfect little thirteen year old?”

    The girls laughed at their blushing captive as Miss Baker handed him a pair of white anklets with a pair of black child’s walking pumps.