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Reluctant Press Cover

When Matthew goes to live with his Aunt Anna, he discovers that she runs a discrete service helping men "express their feminine side". Intrigued, he agrees to help her in this work but there is a catch. He must work and indeed live full time as a woman in order to do this. Follow along in this sexy adventure story.

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    "When we get back you are going to have to change clothes."

    "It's too early for bed."

    "I don't mean that sort of change," Anna said. "I want you to get used to wearing a dress and higher heels."

    "Is that essential right now?"

    "It's compulsory." She looked across at me. "All your boy stuff is going out into storage. You're full-time girl now."

    "People will see that I'm not."

    "Then it's going to be up to you to make sure that they don't. Clothes are half the battle, hair, nails. perfume and makeup are the rest."

    "I've never worn makeup."

    "You will from now on; all day and every day. You're going to study and experiment until you get it perfect by instinct."