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Reluctant Press Cover

A Reluctant Press classic short story collection by the incomparable Elizabeth Anne Nelson, reimagined and re-illustrated...
Celeste begins our five tales with her prophetic tale: The Legend of the Berdache.
See the Moon Queen’s magic in the tale of A Daughter.
Witness the creation of The Passionate One.
A wife’s plan for Domestication.
And, how a cheating husband is taught With Loving Care.

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    "Needless to say, I was just mortified to think that my husband was some sort of fairy. I almost would rather had you be anything but that. A woman just can't picture her husband as a passive homosexual. My God, you have bo idea how I suffered in that perfumed love nest of yours."

    "Dam it Betty, I'm not a queer!" he swore angrily turning to face her as his hands clasped together while he tried to control himself. "You know I'm not!"

    She laughed in sheer joy.

    "Oh darling, what a cartoon that would make. A pretty fairy at a vanity applying makeup and protesting that he wasn't a queer. How delightfully funny."

    "Oh God," he cried in frustration. "Please believe me..."