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Reluctant Press Cover

Carson is a diligent and hardworking cop, but unfortunately somewhat small and delicate looking which restricts the kind of duties he can be assigned to. When the force decides to mount an investigation into an all female private school where there are rumors of prostitution, it is realized that Carson may be the perfect choice to go undercover as no female officers look young enough to be a student. Come witness his deep dive into what just might become a whole new way of life, forever.

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    Carson was silent on the drive back, deep in thought. He understood what he'd been told about a group of girls together. He remembered how catty his cousins could be amongst other girls. He didn't want to be the victim and knew he'd never survive if he was.

    Should he ask for breast implants? He wanted so much to complete the mission he was preparing for. He'd under gone some transformation already, earrings, belly button piercing, and hair removal.

    He idly ran his hands through his hair and laughed to himself as he realized that, that too, was a change. He'd worn his hair long for years before joining the force and as his fingers twisted a lock, he understood that he really liked it long.

    How would he feel if he had breasts of his own; real breasts, not these stupid pads that keep slipping? If they were real, he wouldn't have that worry. Would it easier to stay in character was another question. He tried to imagine what it would feel like.