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Reluctant Press Cover

Casey was a normal boy. Sure, he had tinkered with crossdressing a little bit but that doesn't really mean all that much. Stuart, his father, was a high-powered business man who had little time for his son. When Emma, Casey's stepmother, comes across incriminating information about Stuart's affair with another woman, she decides that perhaps she can use Casey's "hobby" to her advantage. How upset would uptight Stuart be to find out that his only son preferred dresses to jeans? She had no intent of manipulating the boy, just encouraging him.

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    As Emma was sitting with her thoughts and fears, Casey was wrestling with his own doubts and insecurities. It was a day to remember for sure. All that they’d bought seemed to be telling him that he should be a girl delighting in good fortune.

    It all seemed so simple. Ruth had been the one to open his eyes to different possibilities and all the characters he could be. Skating had seemed a way of sublimating those thoughts when she’d moved away. Was it the dancing that brought him back to these forbidden feelings?

    Maybe it was Emma but she knew nothing about the things before she came into his father’s life. Casey knew he loved Emma. She’d filled a void that he never knew could ever be filled. She didn’t know about his hidden past and his secret feelings.

    If only she hadn’t found those old pictures.

    "Is it too late to go back?" Casey wondered as he looked at himself in his mirror.