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Reluctant Press Cover

David King has taken a job as a maintenance worker at an estate near the Twin Cities. When in formed that they no longer need his services in that role he is offered a contract in a service position. As there are few jobs due to the pandemic, he takes it unaware of the unusual requirements for dress and deportment. Soon his contract is sold to a wealthy business woman to serve as her sissy maid and secretary

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    She handed me a pen and the forms. As I began to read, Virginia barked at me in a loud voice.

    “Just sign them now, David. You will get a copy that you can read later. I am very busy.”

    I was surprised at her outburst so I just signed the documents and handed them and the pen back to Crystal.

    Virginia went back to her inner office as a grinning Crystal gathered up the papers I had just signed. I left the office and walked back to my apartment

    That night I had second thoughts about what I had just signed. Other that being obligated for a year, I didn’t see any harm in signing them. Her term “other physical changes” suddenly hit me. Maybe that had something to do with what was happening to my body. What could they possibly be? I thought to myself. A pang of doubt punctured my thoughts. Perhaps I should have taken the opportunity to ask more questions. Well, what was done was done. At the least I was going to be here for another year, come what may as they say.

    What was happening in the outside world was not going to affect me until that year was up at any rate. I couldn’t foresee anything bad happening to me until then.

    I finished out the end of the month.