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Frank Flanders hits the road, riding his thumb, after losing his job and tiring of the big city. He lands in a small town, that at first glance seems like it might be a good place to start his life over again. Finding a room for rent over a dress shop as well as the possibility of work, he happily sees a new beginning. This environment, however, is entirely female and they all begin to see possibilites for him and them in this 'new beginning'.

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    She looked over my shoulder, "Hi Charlotte, I was just filling Francis in on Margaret's condition."

    "Isn't that something," Charlotte was shaking her head, as she took my arm and walked me to the front, "let's leave rose alone."

    At the front counter she continued, "She's got all kinds of deadlines to meet, so I try to keep all distraction away, so she cam complete everything properly. It's coming to our busy season and this thing with Margaret couldn't have happened at a worse time. Francis, I've given it some serious thought; maybe we can solve each others problems and both benefit."

    "What do you mean, Charlotte," I asked.

    "Well you're looking for a full time position and can do bookkeeping, while I'm looking for a combination bookkeeper/model which together would be a full time position. I paid Margaret $8.00- and hour, plus overtime after 40 hours a week. Because I'm asking you to make some significant sacrifices, I would raise it to $9.00 an hour plus the same overtime arrangement. In addition I would give you a bonus at the end of the season, July 15th, if you're still here. I have watched you carefully since you've arrived and I'm impressed with your initiative and cooperation. I think you'll be able to do a good job for me in both positions. What do you think?"

    She was asking me to become a female model (that's what she meant by significant sacrifice), even if it was only temporary and seemed 'part time'. Doing her bookkeeping duties of definite interest to me, and I figured that once Margaret returned, I could continue doing them on a part time basis. I'd be wearing Charlotte's clothes all week long, which would relieve me from spending a significant about of money on new clothing that a different job would require. This could be for several months!! And, there was a significant bonus at the end.