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Reluctant Press Cover

When Bart, the star of a very successful TV series, is informed that the producers wish to reinvigorate the long running series by having his character become a woman on the show. He is highly skeptical, to say the very least. As in most Hollywood situations, a huge amount of financial incentive convinces him to go along, that and the acting challenge of it. However the challenge eventually expands to include figuring out how to deal with the interest of men. Men with special tastes!

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    ‘‘Melody, what on earth have you let me in for?’’ Bart finally got through to her personal phone.

    ‘‘I’ve got you into the biggest deal of your life,’’ she said. ‘‘What’s wrong with that?’

    ‘‘Have you read all they’re going to do to me, all that I signed up for?’’

    ‘‘I got the outline. I don’t read the small print, only the figures.’’

    ‘‘I don’t think you’ll recognise me when they’re through with all they want to do.’’

    ‘‘Think of it as an opportunity,’’ she said. ‘‘You’ll be a pioneer, maybe even a role model.’’

    ‘‘Not you too; they said that at Heaven’s Girl this morning.’’

    ‘‘I’ve seen their work.’’ Melody was clicking on her keyboard again as she spoke. ‘‘You ought to look up their portfolio. You’ll be impressed.’’


    ‘‘And before you ask, there’s no way to get out of this contract, short of fatal accident.’’

    Bart was left talking after she hung up.